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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

01-31OCT18 - Sultan, WA

Monday, 01OCT, we both see our general health care provider about our new blood pressure medicine.  We are not on new medicine because of increased blood pressure, but because of the recent multiple recalls on contaminated prescription statins.  So to ensure no issues with our new meds, our general practitioner is checking us out.  Doctor didn’t “like” the sound of Dan’s heartbeat, so an ultrasound of his heart was ordered.
Tuesday evening Dan headed to local hospital for the ultrasound.  He thought the procedure would be similar to what we remembered when Corrie was pregnant, ie simple & take very little time – NOT!  Procedure took over 45 minutes with Dan laying on his back, left side, & right side while technician took numerous ultrasonic images (saved to computer) with different probes.  More to follow.
On Thursday, 11OCT, Dan headed to Bellingham, WA, for lunch w/some of his Coast Guard Academy classmates.  Two years ago these mini reunions started, usually in Seattle (see below BLOG link for last one on 27MAR this year).  Bellingham was not really convenient for anyone, other than Sandy Petersen who sponsored the event – so why Bellingham?
Turns out Sandy has a new business called “Growlers Keep” filling growlers w/beerJ!!!  Being old CG Cadets & the possibility of free beer, it sounded pretty good to everyone.  First we all met up at local wing establishment for lunch & never ending sea stories.  Then off to Growlers Keep.  Apparently we have matured; no one expected free beer & only small samples were tasted, before paying for selected brews (including root beer & kambuchas) to be drunken responsibly at home.
Being a CG engineer Sandy’s system is unique & provides a much better product than other systems (even those at highly rated micro-breweries).  The difference is that his entire system uses CO2 in the piping system; air never touches the beer.  That means your unopened growler will stay fresh for many weeks, even if not refrigerated.  Some customers claim that it even stays fresher after being opened?  Dan asked why the difference if beer in a bottle/can stayed flavorful even if stored not in a refrigerator?  Turns out bottled/canned beer is pasteurized; beer in a keg is not.  So once exposed to air, keg beer quickly goes flat.

Sunday, 14OCT, good weather, that evening we head to Borealis Festival (more about that later) at Lake Union, Seattle.  We were early for the festival, so we commenced a walkabout enjoying the good weather.  The Lake Union area of Seattle used to be primarily an industrial area & a definitely “low rent” area of Seattle; but not any longer!  The latest change is the construction of several 40 story office buildings for Amazon.  Since we still had time before the festival, we stopped for a light dinner at Daniel’s Broiler.  A very high end steak house, but nothing special in our opinion.
After dinner we still had time to kill before the main event of Borealis started.  As per their website ---
“BOREALIS, a festival of light is a first-in-the US global competition and exhibition of technology and light art that takes place each evening in the South Lake Union neighborhood October 11-14, 2018. The festival is free to the public and features a unique combination of live music, street art performance, lighting art installations, and multi-media video mapping designed to transform surrounding built environments of landmark buildings and facades into a virtual reality extravaganza – an urban canvas for unconventional storytelling by artists from around the globe.”

“From Lake Union Park, where the selected video-mapping artists will showcase their work on the architecturally unique Museum of History and Industry building, the festival extends south across Mercer with approximately 25 light art installations.”

“During the event, attendees will stroll and enjoy the entertaining and interactive light art displays, sample food from participating food trucks, quench their thirst at the festival beer and wine garden, and enjoy live music from local bands. The festival is walkable, and will take place regardless of weather. The festival is free and open to the public...”

So while still waiting for the main event we wandered around some of the exhibits spread thru-out the business area, before catching the end of scheduled light show before heading home.  The smaller “art installations” were pretty hit-or-miss.  Some were interesting/intriguing, some were pretty simple and/or had you scratching your head?  Below picture is where we sat back to back in a booth that used mirrors to combine half of each couples face into one composite.  Not sure we will be using it as our new facebook profile pic?  Finally it was time for the main light display on the side of Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI).  It was a very beautiful display, but after half an hour, we had seen enough & headed home.

Thursday, 18OCT, Dan catches ferry in the toad & drives to Bremerton to pick up grandson Mason for the weekend.  Our daughter is still working nights Thursday/Friday/Saturday & usually husband Raymond takes charge of kids.  But due to Raymond’s work he is also working nights & Jaxson is sick.  So the decision was to have us pick up Mason & hopefully Jaxson will be better tomorrow & can join us at our house.

Friday Jaxson does feel better, & we pick him at the Edmonds ferry & have fire in family fire pit after dinner.  Saturday was cool & cloudy but no rain; so we took the grandkids to Remlinger Farms in Carnation, WA, for their Fall Harvest Pumpkin Festival.  As their website says -
“By responding to visitor requests for more choices of fruits and vegetables in the fruit stand, the farm began to grow. Pumpkins, the first crop that Gary and Bonnie grew as a newly married couple, have continued to play a major role in farm activities. Now each October, schools from the Northwest Washington area visit the farm for educational weekday tours. Every October weekend the farm holds the northwest's largest Harvest Festival, bringing families from far and wide to join in the family festivities.”
“What began over 30 years ago as a humble produce stand has grown into a 200 acre tourist center offering a full service restaurant, bakery, ice cream parlor, large picnic areas, U-Pick fields, Birthday Party Packages, fun and educational tours and Country Fair Fun Park. The farm annually hosts more than 200,000 visitors from all over the world. Remlinger Farms is also famous for its pies and other products which are sold commercially in over 200 Northwest grocery stores.”
At first we questioned the entry price?  But all the rides were unlimited & after four hours we were beat (unfortunately the grandkids didn’t want to leave).  Their two favorite activities were – 1) the hay bale maze, that also included a giant hay pit to jump into; 2) rock climbing on a portable climbing structure.  It took some coaxing to get them to try rock climbing, but now they are hooked!  Remlinger’s Pumpkin Festival is highly recommended!!!  Sunday back to the ferry to return the grandkids to their parents.

Thursday early AM, 25OCT, head to Rebecca & Raymond’s in east Bremerton; after arriving it was off to the Boat Shed restaurant w/grandkids for Corrie’s b-day dinner.  Then back to their house for a small “witch's cauldron" b-day cake.  Friday not much done other done babysitting during day after Rebecca goes to work.  Saturday AM we head back to house via Kingston ferry & discover that it is last day for the season of the Kingston Farmers Market at the Mike Wallace Waterfront Park, next to the ferry terminal – not many vendors present.

October 31 – no grandkids around, no halloween activitiesL

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