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Thursday, January 31, 2019

01-31JAN19 - Sultan, WA (🎆happy new year🎇)

Thursday, 03JAN, Corrie has been pretty sick ever since the start of the new year!  Because of this Dan drives by himself to the kids/grandkids house in east Bremerton.  This is for the family celebration of grandson Jaxson’s seventh birthday on Friday.  Shows how sick Corrie is, since she doesn’t even feel up to going!!!  Friday, 04JAN Jaxson’s b-day family celebration after school.  After the opening of presents, Dan drove back to the house, to assist Corrie.  This meant we missed the boys rock climbing on Sunday:(

Monday, 07JAN, good weather, and Cascade Fence finishes installing cedar fencing.  You may notice that fence posts are over six feet tall, but actual pickets are only three feet tall.  That’s because we will slowly be adding what is called hog panels to raise final height to six feet.  We like the look of this “design”; & it will deter deer, while allowing a view of our property outside the fence.

Friday, 11JAN, still windy; after dinner Raymond, Jaxson & Mason show up.  Saturday early AM Raymond heads to his Army Reserve drill in Yakima.  Later that day, Dan takes grandkids to snow park at Snoqualmie – no parking available.  After finding an unauthorized spot, the grandkids got to sled & while making Olafs (see below BLOG link for our last visit to Snoqualmie tubing area).  Then back to house for ninja line, swing, & playing w/dogs.  Sunday we take grandkids to ferry for return to their parents.

Monday, 14JAN, Corrie had to deal w/sick puppy Rocket while Dan was skiing.  When Dan returned that afternoon, it was off to the vet hospital in Kirkland.  Rocket’s symptoms were diarrhea, dehydration, & not eating.  Xrays showed small “somethings” in his bowels, but nothing definitive; even after being scoped.  So they kept him overnight; & we picked him up the next day.  Took him couple of days to get back to normal, but he is back to normal (if there is such a thing for a Jack Russell?)J!

Two items were big news on the local Seattle TV stations during the month:

1) Second driest JAN on record.  Of course it’s all relative if you live in Seattle!  Still pretty gray & dreary?

2) VIADOOM!  Or the permanent closure of Seattle’s infamous viaduct.  The viaduct is a two level highway that was built in the 50s, right along Seattle’s waterfront.  What was hailed then as a transportation wonder; was soon realized to be a blight upon the scenic waterfront, & cutoff the city from easy access to what is now a major & vibrate tourist attraction.  So after the Nisqually Earthquake it was decided to dig a tunnel replacement & teardown the viaduct; rather than repair/retrofit the viaduct.  So for three weeks the viaduct will be closed & its on/off ramps reconfigured to connect to the new tunnel.  That means 90,000 cars a day that used the viaduct will have to use surface streets – so everyone expects chaos or VIADOOM!

The rest of month was spent - working on fencing; working on garden shed extension; Dan skies 4 times; chain sawing downed alders from last month’s high winds; gardening; etc.

Monday, December 31, 2018

01-31DEC18 - Sultan, WA (merry christmas 🎄 & happy new year🎇!!!)

We start the holiday month off on Tuesday, 04 DEC, by decorating are artificial xmas tree; & setting out the many hand crafted xmas items Corrie has made and/or decorated over the years.

As is probably true for most people, most of the month was spent in what seems to be endless preparations for Christmas day.  But we did celebrate our anniversary on Wednesday, 19DEC (37th & going strong!).  Our anniversary dinner was at Café Juanita in Kirkland; ranked in the top ten of Seattle restaurants.  Excellent but not sure about top ten – definitely top 10 in price though!

Some of our preparations were assembling two of our gifts for the grandkids.  One was a standalone swing that allows similar motion as a “rope swing” without having a suitable tree.  The other is a “ninja line”; but for this one we needed to find two suitable trees?

Sunday early AM, 23DEC, because of “bad weather” on the ferry run, & the expected xmas holiday ferry lines, we drove around Puget Sound to the kids/grandkids house in Bremerton.  Upon arrival we commenced some of our traditional xmas family activities - making of xmas cookies w/grandkids; decorating ginger bread men (w/opa’s help?); enjoying Grinch drink; etc.

Monday (Christmas eve) is spent making a gingerbread house, jigsaw puzzles, preparing & enjoying an early xmas dinner.

We had the xmas dinner early because on Tuesday morning (xmas) we opened one set of presents here in Bremerton, & then everyone headed to our house to open another set of presents.  

After the last of the presents were opened it was outside to try out the swing & ninja line.  The rest of the day was just relaxing; as Rebecca & Corrie prepared a delicious turkey & sausage gumbo from yesterday’s left overs, a big yule fire in the family fire pit, & the adults playing cribbage while grandkids played with their new toys. 


Wednesday, 26DEC, was more cribbage, before Rebecca & Raymond returned to their home & jobs; leaving the grandkids with us.  Saturday back to the ferry terminal to return grandkids to their parents.

A couple of other things accomplished during December were:

= we got a game camera to use around property; so far night pictures of lots of deer, & family of four coyotes (2 adult, 2 juveniles).

= slowly working on garden shed extension – on three separate days we build foundation footing forms, mix & pour concrete, & remove forms.  To be continued in the new year.

= contractor beginning fence installation.  Why a fence?  Because of the dogs!  Neither dog is really trained; & as w/all Jack Russell terriers – if it moves, they will chase it, maybe never to return! So to make life easier for us, we are paying to install about 200 feet of cedar fencing between the house & the shop/RV garage.  18DEC contractor starts post installation, 20DEC completes post installation, 26-28DEC starts installing fence panels (almost done).  To be continued in the new year.

= Dan finally gets to use his season pass twice at Stevens Pass ski areaJ!  To be continued in the new year.

To close out the month Seattle experiences numerous high wind days (three times the normal number) causing lots of tree damage to the alder trees on the property.  And truly showing our age, we did nothing to celebrate the arrival of the new year?