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grandson mason

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grandson jaxson

Friday, August 31, 2018

01-31AUG18 - Sultan, WA (many trips on wa state ferries)

Wednesday, 01AUG, after rush hour we drove to the ferry terminal in Edmonds to pick up grandkids for babysitting; other than mowing not much done.  Friday after lunch we took grandkids back to the Edmonds ferry for Raymond’s pick-up in Kingston.  Afterwards we had dinner at Demetris Woodstone Taverna, which we discovered last week.

Tuesday (Dan’s b-day) more high heat weather.  For his birthday dinner Dan picked a new restaurant, Barkada in Edmonds.  This is a very small place that blends Philippine, Polynesian, & Asian foods.  It is so small & new, that they only have a two burner stove; so most items are cold (eg poke), pre-made (eg miso soup) or raw.  We started w/ono giant shrimp chips; Dan – oyster shooter, miso soup, Hamachi poke boat; Corrie – chicken breast kelaguen, California roll; & to finish we shared the island fruit & nut plate.  Highly recommended.

Wednesday, 08AUG, head to the ferry in Edmonds to pick up grandson Mason.  Thursday first thing, we took the RV into Freightliner for routine service.  After that Dan saw an orthopedic doctor concerning “twinges” he felt in his right knee while skiing last season.  Back in 2007 Dan was diagnosed with a small tear in his medial meniscus, & patella tendonitis.  Decision was then made that nothing need be done, & recreational skiing was not an issue.  Latest MRI shows the same minor issues, but now there is a small indication of arthritis.  Again, nothing “needs” to be done; but if it becomes an issue while skiing this year, several options can be considered.  Hopefully, nothing further needed, since Dan already has season pass for this season!
Grandson Jaxson spent Thursday at work w/Raymond as part of father/child work day (that is why we didn’t pick him up w/Mason yesterday).  When Dan picked Jaxson later that day at the Kingston ferry terminal, Jaxson had a bag full of items mainly centered on Lockheed aeronautics (Raymond’s employer).  One of the items was a kit that required assembly into a prototype space station that maybe used in the future.  Naturally, Jaxson wanted to assemble it on the ferry ride.

Friday, 10AUG, we took the grandkids to the CG Day picnic like last year (see below BLOG link).  Once again a very well organized affair, & the grandkids really enjoyed themselves.  While there Dan gets call from Freightliner NW about generator “short circuit” that has caused an unknown amount of damage in the RVLLL

Although we are very concerned about the RV, Dan had already planned on meeting w/two of his CG Academy classmates in Astoria, OR, for some fishing tomorrow.  So from the picnic Dan started the 3.5 hour drive to Astoria, OR, while Corrie took the grandkids back to our house.  Thanks to weekend traffic & I-5 construction, the drive took six hours.  Dan eventually meets up w/his friends (Dick Lang & Jim Garrett) at Dick’s warehouse/boat storage in Hammond, OR.  One reason that Dan decided to meet them even though the RV issue is important; is that Jim Garrett has just completed riding his bicycle from Kansas to Astoria (about 2000 miles & two months)!!!  And on Sunday he gets back on his bike to ride home to San Francisco, CA.

Saturday we had a great fishing even, w/no luck.  Luckily Dick had set two crab pots the day before & we harvested a dozen Dungeness.  That evening was an excellent crab & salmon dinner w/Dick’s wife & friends at their house in the Lewis & Clark forest area.  Sunday Dan was up early (5AM), on the road, & back in Sultan at 0915.  Rebecca showed up early that afternoon to pick up grandkids (after enjoying some fresh crab).

Wednesday, 15AUG, another hazy day from the many forest fires in Oregon & BC.  Dan took Corrie to ferry to visit kids/grandkids in Bremerton; then drives to the Seattle CG base for lunch w/John Dwyer.  John is a friend of Dan’s who works at the Coast Guard’s marine safety office in Seattle.  In fact John has been there for over two decades.  It was great to reconnect & tell sea stories.  Thursday Dan picked up Corrie & grandkids at Edmonds ferry terminal.
Friday, 24AUG return of more smoke/haze.  After taking the grandkids to Kingston for pickup, we have an early dinner at Rorys of Edmonds.  Dinner was okay, but not any different than any average pub/sports bar.

Sunday, 26AUG, was our friend’s the Formisano’s annual Riverwalk.  This the third year we have attended (see below BLOG link about last year).  Although it was pretty cool, the rain held off, & we enjoyed another good time at the event.

Thursday, 30AUG, more good weather; we pick up grandkids at ferry. When asked what they wanted for dinner? They immediately requested "breakfast for dinner" (something we had introduced them to some time back:). On his last visit here in July, our son Joe left his kayak here.  Rather than leave it laying in the yard, Dan installed a kayak hoist.  Note – recommendation on instructions.

Friday (last day of August) we took the grandkids to the Evergreen State Fair; like Rebecca & Dan did last year.  This year Dan introduced the grandkids to the Fair’s famous Purple Cow drink.  The Purple Cow booth is run by a non-profit association of women who are dairy farmers (or connected to the dairy industry in Snohomish County).  Their drink is basically 7-up, blackberry ice cream, & blackberries.  Mason liked it but one was enough; Jaxson loved it & wanted another.

After six hours of non-stop walking, eating & rides, we headed to Edmonds ferry to return them to Rebecca & Raymond.  On the drive there the window on the driver side rear door blew out, covering Jaxson in glass shardsL!!!  Thankfully no injuries.  After an emergency stop to get a plastic garbage bag & gorilla tape; we made a temporary repair; & finally made it to the Edmonds ferry terminal to transfer kids & head home at 9PM.

Lastly, during the month of August the Seattle area was plagued with numerous poor air quality days due to forest fires in Oregon, eastern Washington, & BC, Canada.  In a “normal” year they maybe four or five danger warnings due to air quality, this month there were more than a dozen.  Not only a risk to our health, but they also negatively affected our solar output.  But it did not seem to effect Corrie’s vegetable/flower garden.  You may remember from previous BLOGs that her 2017 xmas gift was for Dan to build her more raised beds, which he did.  Then this spring we added a drip irrigation system.  As you can see all the improvement resulted in some bumper cropsJ!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

01-31JUL18 - Sultan, WA (visitors, adventures & sightseeing)

Sunday AM (01JUL) we caught the Edmonds ferry to Kingston to visit kids/grandkids at their new house in east Bremerton & deliver plants.  That afternoon we all headed to a small street fair in Port Orchard, & then back to house for dinner.  Monday Dan started to “organize” all their stuff in garage; while Corrie spends most of the day gardening w/Rebecca.  Tuesday Corrie took the grandkids to beach, then returns to do more gardening; while Dan installed three large shelfs in their garage.  Wednesday (the fourth) we left Bremerton early AM & drove back to our house (ie we didn’t take ferry) – two hour drive w/o traffic, & a $5 toll on the Narrows bridge.  All-in-all, cheaper & faster if (and that’s a big if) if there is no traffic on I-5 thru Tacoma & Seattle.

Thursday (05JUL the “official” start of Seattle’s summer) very hot.  Dan decides that the walkways in Corrie’s new & expanded raised bed vegetable garden needs improvement.  Presently they are just exposed clay soil which are very slippery & muddy when wet; & weeds constantly want to grow there!  His plan is to frame them w/pressure treated wood & fill them w/one cubic yard of 5/8th minus rock.  Friday another hot, hot, day & Dan decides to unload 2500 lbs of 5/8th rock into veggie/fruit garden; while Corrie works on emptying the pool because of algae.

Saturday, 07JUL, Dan discovers that AC condensate drain line is plugged & backing up into air exchanger.  He cuts out plugged piping & runs short hose to bucket to collect water until proper repair made.  We finish emptying pool & cleaning algae, refill pool & hope algae doesn’t return.  Dan gets another cubic yard of 5/8th minus rock.  Sunday Dan unloads second load of rock; while Corrie starts getting house & RV ready for visitors.

Wednesday, 11JUL, after lunch Rebecca & grandkids arrive.  One thing grandkids really like about Oma & Opa’s is picking fresh berries on the propertyJ!  First berries to arrive are salmonberries, followed by huckleberries, & lastly is blackberries.  They also really enjoy helping Oma in the garden.  But their idea of helping is to eat the raspberries, blueberries, carrots, snow peas, etc, off the plants, rather than picking them for meal time.

The reason Rebecca is here is to pick-up her best friend from Houma, LA, Beanie (& her son Ethan) at the airport & sightsee starting from our house.  So Thursday, 12JUL, early AM Dan & Rebecca head into SeaTac area to them pick-up; then fight traffic northbound into Seattle for sightseeing.  First stop is the Seattle Center where we up to the viewing deck of the Space Needle.  We noted in our May BLOG that the Needle’s restaurant will soon have all glass floors & walls after remodeling.  What we didn’t know was the viewing deck would have all glass walls & benches!  The floor is still steel, but it is still disconcerting, especially when you sit on glass bench & lean back against a sheet of glass angling outward.  From the Center we took the monorail downtown, visited Pike Place market (home of the world famous gum wall), walked the water front, visited Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, lunched at Ivars, then to Pioneer Square (torn-up due to construction); back to car & over to Fremont (center of the universe); & home.

Friday Rebecca, Beanie & Ethan went tubing on the Icicle River & sightseeing in Leavenworth, WA.  Our son Joe & faithful companion Remus showed up at lunch.  They had driven from Louisiana to our house in Joe’s jeep.  Dan & Joe took the jeep to the Reiter Rd offroad park they had discovered back in January.  That evening with everyone back from their adventures, was a family fire in our fire circle.

Saturday AM Rebecca, Beanie, grandkids & Ethan load Rebecca’s car & head to her house in Bremerton.  Joe followed later w/Remus in his jeep.  Early that evening we headed to the Sultan Shindig (Sultan’s small annual summer festival) for quick walk about (even though early evening, still too hot for comfort).
Sunday, 15JUL, more hot weather; Joe returns from Rebecca’s & helps Dan w/projects where a little muscle needed.  That afternoon Dan & Joe check out the car show at the Sultan Shindig.

Monday, 16JUL, more record heat, we visit Aunt Madeline; & Joe goes rock crawling at Reiter ORV Park in his jeep w/Remus.  Tuesday hot & sunny; Dan & Joe go kayaking on Skykomish River from Gold Bar to Sultan (10 plus miles in 3 hours).

Wednesday cloudy & cool; Joe helps Dan w/some projects where extra muscle is needed; then late that night Joe heads to SeaTac to pick up his friend Bethany.  Thursday AM Joe & Bethany take off hiking, followed by rock crawling at Reiter Rd ORV park.

Friday (20JUL) Joe & Bethany go kayaking on the Skykomish.  Later that day Rebecca, Raymond & kids show up; after dinner another fire circle.  

Saturday, 21JUL, Rebecca, Raymond, Joe & Bethany go white water rafting on the Skykomish; followed by fire circle & smores after dinner.

Sunday AM Joe takes Bethany to SeaTac; at lunch time Rebecca & Raymond head home leaving grandkids w/us.  Late that evening Joe starts drive to LA but has tire issue & returns to our house.  Monday morning Joe solves tire issue & once again departs for Louisiana.
Wednesday, 25JUL, more record heat, early that morning we take grandkids to Flowing Lake Park/Beach.  Flowing Lake Park is a county facility w/a very nice beach, & a RV/tent camping area.  Thursday very hot; Raymond shows up after dinner to take kids home tomorrow.  Friday more heat; Dan empties & disassembles pool; Raymond departs w/kids & pool.

Saturday, 28JUL, continued heat, not much done.  Sunday more heat, not much done.  Monday more heat (in fact we have already had 12 - 90 degree days compared to “normal” four per year).

Tuesday (last day of July) the temperature is only in the 80s.  We head into Everett to check out the Grand Avenue Marketplace in Everett.  The building is the first building as part of a plan to “revitalize” Grand Ave.  The upper floors are very nice condos; w/the ground floor retail space dedicated to produce, meat & other artisan products from the local area.

Then we headed to Edmonds to check out the parking in the vicinity of the Edmonds ferry terminal.  We did this because daughter Rebecca has new job in Bremerton where she works part time – Thur, Fri & Sat, starting in late afternoon & going until 11PM.  Since Raymond works during the day, we will pick up grandkids from ferry on Thursdays & return them to him on Friday or Saturday.  Lunch was at Demetris Woodstone Taverna.  The Taverna is part of a small chain of Mediterranean/Greek style Cafes started in 1991, located in & around Edmonds (Arlington, Marysville, Mill Creek, Kingston).  Pretty good, we’ll be back!