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grandson mason

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grandson jaxson

Sunday, December 31, 2017

25-31DEC17 - Sultan, WA (happy holidays:)!!!)

Monday (25DEC - Christmas) we awoke to a white Xmas w/up to four inches of snow!  So the grandkids immediately opened their presents, before rushing outside to play in snow until lunch.  The grandkids finally settled down in afternoon, while Corrie made a delicious Xmas dinner.

Tuesday (Boxing Day) snow still here in large amounts (Dan evens shovels main deck); that afternoon we visited Dan’s brother Shawn & wife Cindie.

On 31 DEC we welcomed the New Year in with a bon fire & early fireworks in the rain; before once again going to bed before the midnight hour.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

01-24DEC17 - Sultan, WA (prep'ing for the holidays)

No surprise, most of December was focused on preparing for Xmas and/or Xmas activities.

On 02DEC we decorated our tree & finished the gingerbread houses we started two days ago.

09DEC everyone went to view the Xmas lights (aka Garden d’Lights) at Bellevue Botanical Garden (in our opinion – pretty good, not as good as Celebration in the Oaks in New Orleans).  Followed by dinner at Ginza restaurant – also pretty good.

Sunday, 10DEC, was grandson Mason’s Xmas presentation at his pre-school.

The best thing was on 19DEC when Raymond flew home for the holidaysJ!!! And it looks like we'll have a white Xmas, because it started snowing Xmas eve!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

01-30NOV17 - Sultan, WA

November was a quiet month for us; but there was the sad passing of Dan’s aunt Jan Peters on 08NOV, with her funeral on the 16th.  Her death so closely following the unexpected death of her son John in July, has made this a very sad year for the Peters family, & their family & friends.

The rest of November was filled w/various odds & ends:

The typical dreary Pacific NW weather (mostly rain) for November also included a day of early snow on 03NOV.  Rebecca, Jaxson, Mason & Oma even headed to Stevens Pass on the 6th to play in the snow.  Dan tried to make the best of it by going to Stevens pass for skiing on the 20th; but finds the snow too wet & heavy, & goes home after one hour (thank goodness for a season pass).

On the 10NOV grandson Jaxson lost the first two of his “baby” teeth.

Even though the eighteenth was not the best weather, we headed to Seattle’s Golden Gardens for a “beach” fire.  Back in the day this was favorite activity of Seattle teens (often involving underage drinking).  From there it was off to the Ballard Locks to see if any salmon were migrating thru the fish ladder.

On Thanksgiving we made a morning trip to Snoqualmie Falls to view the record water tumbling over the falls.  Due to high winds the spray was blowing straight up the cliff drenching the viewing area.  Later in the day was a great turkey dinner prepared by Corrie & Rebecca.

The evening of the 26th was the town of Monroe’s tree lighting ceremony.

We ended the month with the building of gingerbread houses.