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grandson mason

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grandson jaxson

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

12-25JAN12 - Houma, LA (grandbaby 3 weeks old)

Nothing much occurred over the last couple of weeks, other than the continued fussing over our first grandchild, Jaxson Joseph Pitre. Mom & baby are both doing well (not counting lack of sleep for the new parents), & it appears he is perfectly healthy.

On 16JAN, Monday, Dan finally finished the storage shed started last year on 12DEC. Just like in house construction, the little details at the end take much more time than expected. All that is left now is to put another coat of paint on it.

Tomorrow, 26JAN, Joe & Dan go skiing in the Seattle area. Last summer our son, Joe, remarked that now that our Sultan, WA, house was finished; he could use it as a base for skiing. So Dan decided to use our airline miles to get free transportation there for the both of them. However, we learned that the Sultan area got buried with two feet of snow on 17JAN! Hopefully our four hundred foot driveway will be clear by the time they arrive!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

08-11JAN12 - Houma, LA (grand baby one week old)

On Thursday, 05JAN, Jaxson & mom came home. The rest of the week was spent fighting over who gets to hold the baby (just kidding); discovering that sleep deprivation really is a form of torture; & trying to finish the small amount of work left on the shed.

10JAN, Tues, our son, Joe (aka Uncle Joe) stopped by for just one hour to see his nephew. Turns out that his company was moving him from one drilling rig locally, to another almost in Texas! Unfortunately at the end of Jaxson’s first week, Raymond had to go back to work, something all newborn’s fathers have to contend with.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

01-04JAN12 - Houma, LA (jaxson joseph pitre finally arrives!!!)

We started the new year with the traditional Cajun good luck dinner of corned beef, black eyed peas, & cooked cabbage; trying to finish the backyard shed; & still waiting for Jaxson Joseph Pitre's (ryan) arrival. On Tuesday, 03JAN, the MD announced that labor would be induced at midnight Wed, for delivery on Thurs. Obviously Jaxson got the message, because by 0530 on 04JAN everyone (except Dan) was at the hospital for the eminent delivery. By 1400 Dan was called by Corrie & informed to park his butt in the waiting area for the arrival of his first grandchild! Some time after 1600 Jaxson finally was delivered, & now the fun (& memories) really begin!!!