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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

01-31JUL13 - Sultan, WA

Monday, 01JUL, the contractors for our new garage/shop building were back but only worked a half day because of record heat in Seattle area. Corrie & Elaine (see our previous BLOG about our guests Ed, Corrie’s brother & his wife Elaine) decided to drive to Leavenworth, WA, to sightsee & shop, leaving Dan & Ed stranded at the house to watch the contractors. (see below BLOG about the “German Alpine” village of Leavenworth.) To keep busy Ed finished the metal roofing & trim on Dan’s garden shed project.

Tuesday the contractors returned & once again worked a half day due to high temperatures. As always when hot weather hits the Seattle area, people start scrambling for fans & window ACs; you’d think they would learn & buy these things before hand & on sale? Since the boys were once again watching the contractors, the ladies headed out for more shopping, & to drop the Harley tire & wheel off to mount a new tire at closest Harley Davidson dealer. Upon the ladies return Ed re-mounted tire & wheel on the bike; while Corrie ground her own hamburger (with Ed’s help) to make delicious lasagna.

Wednesday morning the contractors return to finish the majority of the garage/shop building, leaving the concrete floor & garage doors for other contractors to finish. Meanwhile we all had breakfast at the Sultan Bakery. The ladies shared a two/two/two (2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 bacon) breakfast; Ed tried to finish a two/two/two by himself; & Dan went with the “smaller” Bakery breakfast – he was the only one to finish his meal. Later that morning Dan & Ed headed into Everett to visit Harbor Freight & then the Monroe Western Heritage Museum; leaving the ladies to watch the contractors this time.

Thursday, 4th of July; Dan’s brother Shawn & fiance’ Cindie come over on their Harleys. After their arrival, they & Ed on his Harley (with Corrie on the back) took off on a bike ride to Snoqualmie Falls. Ten minutes after their departure Dan & Elaine took off for the Falls in our Toad. We all got back together for sightseeing of the Falls & Salish Lodge (see below BLOG for more on the Falls & Lodge). After a nice time at the Falls we all headed back to the house; Dan taking the road that took him by his parents old house on Union Hill Rd. Back at our house we had an enjoyable BBQ dinner on deck.

After the BBQ dinner Shawn & Cindie jumped back on their Harleys to head home before it got dark. The rest of us decided to head into Monroe & watch the fireworks at Monroe Evergreen State Fairgrounds. For several years we spent every summer at the RV park at the fairgrounds; & if you have followed our BLOG, you will remember that it was right next door to the Monroe Speedway. You may also remember that the Speedway has a very big race & demo derby on July 4th, followed by a fireworks show. Since we know where the fireworks will be fired, it was possible for us to get a lot closer to view them than is normally allowed! It wasn’t a major fireworks display like in Seattle, but was still pretty good because of our vantage point!

Friday we all headed into Seattle for sightseeing. As usual we parked by the Seattle Center & rode the Alweg monorail to downtown. We walked to the Pike Place Public Market & to sightsee for a couple of hours; then it was back on the monorail to drive to International District. After arrival in the International District we had lunch at Uwajimaya’s food court, followed by a little shopping in Uwajimaya (see below website about Uwajimaya). Then it was back to Sultan with a quick stop at Costco, where amazingly nothing was bought.

Saturday morning, 06JUL, Ed & Elaine jumped back on the Harley & started back to Sprucewoods, Manitoba, Canada. During the last year they have bought a used fifth wheel trailer, so hopefully we will be able to do some RV’ing together in the future. Especially during those wonderful Canadian winters:)!
Saturday morning, 13JUL, we headed to Green Lake in Seattle to watch the 43rd year of the Seafair Milk Carton Derby. See below BLOG links & internet sites for more information on Seafair, & Seattle’s Green Lake park:

First thing we saw upon arrival at Green Lake was the Seafair Pirates & their watercraft the Moby Duck. All watercraft entered in the Derby must be made of milk cartons (or in this day & age – plastic milk bottles) & be propelled by human power. There were many unique/creative designs, & it appears many are family projects. This year an entirely new category was created because University of Washington engineers used shredded plastic milk containers & a state of the art 3-D printer to build their boat. It was a fun event & no vendors are allowed; in fact we got free tacos from the Taco Time truck & free chocolate milk from a local dairy. Dan was too old to get free hydro-plane model from the Albert Lee stand, but he was allowed to buy one since they are the sponsor for this year’s Seafair & not considered a vendor!

After two enjoyable hours at the Milk Carton Derby we picked up burgers at the original location of Dicks Drive-In (a Seattle favorite) & headed to Aunt Madeline’s for great visit. It is hard to believe, but out last visit to her place was three years ago as shown by the below BLOG.

Sunday morning, 14JUL, we headed back into Seattle to the “Urban Craft Uprising” at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall; since we were one of the first 100 in the door we got free SWAG. For SWAG we each got a small fancy paper bag that had various “free” samples from vendors with booths at the Uprising. Some of the SWAG was just coupons good for discounts, some were small samples (mostly soap, cosmetics, etc); but hey it was free! As their website says:

“Urban Craft Uprising was started in 2004 to showcase the work of independent crafters, artists and designers -- to provide a unique, high quality, hand-crafted alternative to "big box" stores and mass produced goods. At Urban Craft Uprising's shows, fans can choose from a wide variety of hand-crafted goods including clothing of all types, jewelry, gifts, bags, wallets, buttons, accessories, aprons, children's goods, toys, housewares, paper goods, candles, journals, art, food & much, much more. Each Urban Craft Uprising show is carefully curated and juried to ensure the best mix of crafts and arts along with originality and uniqueness.”

Sunday, 28JUL, we headed into the Seattle Center for the Hispanic Festal’. In our opinion it was not very good, especially when compared to Japanese Festal’ we attended in April (see below BLOG for more background on Seattle’s unique Festals’). It was supposed to start at 11AM & only last half a day. The first thing we found odd was that there was no info on the internet about the schedule of activities & vendors available. Turns out the only vendors present were trying to sell services to the Hispanic community like cell phone service, satellite TV, bank accounts, auto insurance, etc. The only vendors offering Hispanic items were some taco trucks?

The music was supposed to start at 11AM but by 1145AM nothing had happened, so we decided to check out the neighborhood Farmer’s Market on Capitol Hill’s Broadway Ave. Turns out this was a true farmers’ market with almost nothing but fresh vegetables, organic poultry, grass fed beef & lamb, etc. Turns out there are a hand full of “true” Farmer’s Markets in Seattle & are not associated with the other Markets we have been going to previously (ie Fremont & Ballard).

The rest of the month was spent:

---Dan installed shelves & work bench in newly completed garden shed

---Friday, 12JUL, afternoon concrete guy shows up to prep garage/shop building for pouring concrete on Tuesday, 16JUL

---15JUL, Monday, Dan goes to dentist to get filling replaced that he “pulled” the week before

---Tuesday, 16JUL, concrete floors poured in the new garage/shop building

---17JUL, Wednesday; Corrie went horseback riding with neighbor (Sara)

---Thursday, 18JUL, Snohomish County Inspector makes “final” inspection of new garage/shop building – building is approved even though garage doors not installed

---23JUL, Tuesday, garage doors installed – new garage/shop building done except for future wiring, plumbing, interior walls, etc, etc

---Wednesday, 24JUL, dental appointments for teeth cleaning; then Dan spends rest of day on long overdue routine maintenance on tractor – oil change; clean fuel system; clean air intake system; top off oil on transmission, differential, steering gear & hydraulic system

---25JUL, Thursday, five cubic yards of 5/8 minus rock (7.7 tons!) delivered to be spread around new building & garden shed; it took four days!

---Wednesday, 31JUL, new oil & filter for Toad along with K&N air filter cleaning & oiling

---in between all this was continuous gardening, mowing & this & that

The hi-lite of the month (at least for Corrie) was Tuesday, 30JUL, Corrie’s new Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet arrived in replacement for the one we mailed out for repair on 10JUN!!! Corrie first ever computer was a Samsung 7 inch Galaxy tablet (mostly for Facebook & games). After about nine months she noticed it wouldn’t reliably pick up WiFi networks. We assumed this was because we were often in RV parks that usually don’t have the best WiFi. After a year (ie the warranty was expired) it wouldn’t pick up WiFi at all. We took it back to Best Buy & they tried to fix it for free, but determined the WiFi card was bad.

Turns out this model is notorious for bad WiFi cards & it was suggested to mail it to a Samsung authorized tablet repair facility in Dallas. The repair facility agreed the WiFi card was bad & requested permission from Samsung New Jersey to give us new tablet since our warranty was expired. After hearing nothing, Dan started calling NJ asking “what’s the story”. After several phone calls Dan was eventually placed in contact with Executive Customer Relations! Samsung agreed to provide a new tablet for the processing cost of $99? Since the tablet was out of warranty, $99 bucks seemed somewhat reasonable. Needless to say we surprised to receive not a seven inch Samsung Tablet but the latest ten inch Samsung Tablet with more memory & better performance! So the seven week wait & $99 seems worth it?